Inside Exarcheia: the self-governing community Athens police want rid of

It’s just after 5am in the central Athens neighbourhood of Exarcheia. A group of Afghans and Iranians are sitting down together for breakfast in the middle of the street, with a banner that reads “No Pasaran” (“They shall not pass”) strung between the buildings above their heads. They laugh and joke as they help themselves to bread and cheese pies from the communal table. The public breakfast is outside Notara 26, a self-organised refugee accommodation squat. Since opening in September 2015, at

UN raises probable death toll in migrant boat sinking to 64 | News | DW | 08.01.2018

Sixty-four migrants are thought to have died when a rubber dinghy became punctured and sank on Saturday in the Mediterranean Sea off Libya, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) said on Monday. The incident was 2018's first known deadly migrant shipwreck in the Mediterranean. IOM spokesman Flavio Di Giacomo said there had been 150 people aboard the boat when it left Libya, of whom 86 survived the shipwreck. He said eight corpses had been recovered and a further 54 people were miss